Vol.38. No.3 ( Autumn, 1998 )

(pp.5~44) The Communal Ideology and Its Reality: with Reference to the Emergence of Neo-Tribalism , Kim Kwang-Ok
(pp.45~76) Talking about Korean Legal Culture: a Critical Review of the Discursive Production of Legal Culture in Korea , Lee Chulwoo
(pp.77~95) Peasant Culture and Modernization in Korea: Cultural Implications of Saemaul Movement in the 1970s , Oh Myung-Seok
(pp.96~127) Traditional Religions and Christianity in Korea: Reciprocal Relations and Conflicts , Kang Don-ku
(pp.128~147) Kinship in Contemporary Korea: Normative model versus Practice , Kim Song-Chul
(pp.148~177) Ancestors Becoming Children of God: Ritual Clashes between Confucian Tradition and Christianity in Contemporary Korea , Moon Okpyo
(pp.178~209) The Extended Family in Contemporary Korea: Changing Patterns of Co-residence , Kweon Sug-In
(pp.210~227) Representing Korean Culture in America: A Case Study of the Korean Ethnological Collections at the Smithsonian Institution , Choi Hyup
(pp.228~243) The Japanese View of Korean People and Culture , Han Kyung-Koo
(pp.244~266) Korean Poetry in the Changing Society: Technology, National Division and the Environment , Lee Yong-gol
(pp.267~291) Human Liberation in Early Modern Korean Thought , Keum Jang-tae
(pp.292~326) Of Drums and Men in Chollabuk-do Province: Glimpses into the Making of a Human Cultural Asset , Nathan Hesselink
(pp.327~339) Four "Palm-of the-Hand" Stories from the Korean Minority of China , Ku Ho-jun et al.
(pp.340~346) The Exploration of the Inner Wounds-Han , C. Sarah Soh