Vol.38. No.4 ( Winter, 1998 )

(pp.5~35) Was Korea Really a Hermit Nation? , Yi Tae-Jin
(pp.36~64) The Road to Colonization: Korea Under Imperialism, 1897-1910 , Kim Ki-Jung
(pp.65~89) Crisis and Discord in Colonial Korean Agricultural Society during the Great Depression , Chung Youn-Tae
(pp.90~129) Korean International Relations in the Colonial Period and the Question of Independence , Ku Daeyeol
(pp.130~146) International Dimensions of the Korean War , Kim Youngho
(pp.147~168) The Political Economy of Security: South Korea in the Cold War System , Shin Wookhee
(pp.169~195) Deduction of the National Division and the Premise of Reunification of the Korean Peninsula , Doh Jin-Soon
(pp.196~205) The Challenge of World Risk Society , Ulrich Beck
(pp.207~228) Risk Components of Compressed Modernity: South Korea as Complex Risk Society , Chang Kyung-Sup
(pp.229~255) Massive Unemployment and Social Disorganization: A New Face of High-Risk Society , Seong Kyoung-Ryung
(pp.256~276) New Horizons in Health in the Risk Society , Kim Young Chi
(pp.277~299) Functions and Roles of the Nonprofit/Nongovernmental Sector for Korean Social Development: the Affective Linkage-Group , Lew Seok-Choon & Chang Mi-Hye
(pp.300~330) Foundation Myths, Sacred Sites and Ritual: The Case of the Myth of the Tree Clan Ancestors of Chejudo Island , James H. Grayson
(pp.331~354) A Japanese National Crime: the Korean Massacre after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 , Yoshiaki Ishiguro
(pp.355~364) Korea , Vladimir Tikhonov
(pp.365~368) The Moonlit Pond , Ko Chang Soo