Vol.41. No.2 ( Summer, 2001 )

(pp.5~27) Reexamining Cold War History and the Korean Question , Kim Myongsob
(pp.27~58) North-South Relations Viewed from the Perspective of the Recent Transformation of the Cold War Order in Northeast Asia , Chun Chaesung
(pp.59~91) Engagement Policy and Thawing fo the Cold War Structure on the Korean Peninsula , Park Kun Young
(pp.92~124) The Korean Summit Meeting and the International Environment , Lee Hong Yung
(pp.125~146) World Capitalism, Northeast Asia, and an Opinion for the Korean Peninsula , Lee Su-Hoon
(pp.147~168) Current Status and Future Tasks of Multilateral Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia , Suh Dong-Man
(pp.169~201) Welfare State or Social Safety Net?: Development of the Social Welfare Policy of the Kim Dae-jung Administration , Kim Yeon-Myung
(pp.202~223) Poverty Policy and the Working Poor , Cho Heung-Seek
(pp.224~243) Doctors on Strike: Conflicts of Interests in Medical Policy Reform , Cho Byong-Hee
(pp.244~263) Issues Surrounding the Social Expenditure of the Kim Dae-jung Administration , Park Neung-Hoo
(pp.265~274) [Debate] Why Asian Values? , Hahm Chaibong
(pp.275~281) [Debate] East Asian Economic Development: Cultural vs. Historical Perspectives , Phillip Wonhyuk Lim
(pp.282~291) [Debate] Discussion: Asian Values , Choi Won-shik et al
(pp.292~319) A Preliminary Study on the World Powers' Approaches to the Korean Question before 1945: The Role of Perception in International , Ku Daeyeol
(pp.320~344) Bulguksa Temple and Seokbulsa Temple , Kang Woobang