Current Issue : Vol.55 No.4 Winter 2015
  1. A Comparative Study on the Sociocultural Drivers in the Development of Printing Technology in Korea and Europe
  2. Power and Violence between the Choosers and the Chosen in the Thought of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong
  3. The Effectiveness of a Program to Train North Korean Teachers to Adjust to South Korean Society: Policy Implications for Supporting North Korean Escapees
  4. Declining Fertility in Two Koreas: The Demographic Implications for a Korean Reunification
  5. Becoming a Vegetarian in Korea: The Sociocultural Implications of Vegetarian Diets in Korean Society
  6. Changes in Korean Core Discussion Networks from 1996 to 2011: More Connected, Less Isolated
  7. Yeohaeng-gwa singminjuui—geundae gihaengmun-ui singmin jeguk-ui yeokhak (Travel and Colonialism: The Colonial and Imperialist Dynamic of Early Modern Travel Literature)