Current Issue : Vol.55 No.2 Summer 2015
  1. Editorial Statement
  2. Foreword
  3. Korean Cattle and Colonial Modernization in the Japanese Empire: From “Cattle of the Peninsula” to “Cattle of the Empire”
  4. Commercialization of Medicine in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century in Korea
  5. Korea/Culture as the Chosen Photographic Object: Focusing on Culture Joseon
  6. The Fall of Ideology in Fraternal Socialism: Sino-North Korean Divergence over the American Threat, 1965–1966
  7. Russian and Japanese Diplomatic Responses on Interrogations Records of Ahn Jung-Geun
  8. History Textbook Dialogue in Northeast Asia and the European Experience: From the Transferring of Experience to Mutual Exchange
  9. Silla Hwabaekjedo-wa Hwarangdo (The system of councils of nobles and the hwarang order)
  10. Who Are Transnational Middlemen Intellectuals?
  11. Competition in the Global Intellectual Field Essential to Overcoming Dependency on Western Academia