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Right to the City: The Metropolis and Gangnam Style
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.86 ~ 110
Author : Julie CHOI Subject : Journalism, media studies and communication , Literature
Type : Articles Keywords : Psy, Gangnam Style, carnival, flâneur, mass ornament, right to the city
Privatized Foreign Policy? Explaining the Park Geun-hye Administration’s Decision-making Process
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.106 ~ 134
Author : Yangmo KU Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords : Park Geun-hye, foreign policy decision-making, privatized foreign policy, external challenges, comfort women, Kaesong Industrial Complex, THAAD deployment
Not Yet Post-Cold War Era: A Genealogical Search for the Cold War Discursive Infrastructure in Counter-Jongbuk Surveillance Politics
Vol.58 No.4 Winter 2018 , pp.5 ~ 32
Author : Minkyu SUNG Subject : Political science , Korean Studies
Type : Articles Keywords : Candlelight Protests, state-society networks, pseudo-civic organizations, anti-North Korean ideology, jongbuk, Cold War politics
“Candlelight Documentary” as the Cultural Politics of Recording and Memorizing, and the Emergence of the Candlelight Plaza
Vol.58 No.4 Winter 2018 , pp.33 ~ 59
Author : Woohyung CHON Subject : Political science , Cultural and ethnic studies
Type : Articles Keywords : Gwangjang (Candle in the Wave), Modeunnal-ui chotbul (All Day Candles),
Reportage, Documentary, Candlelight Documentary, Candlelight Plaza, Amateurism,
Community Screening, Boundaries, Cultural Politics of Recording and Memorizing,
The Political Power-Mediated Expansion of Science and Technology under the Park Chung Hee Regime
Vol.58 No.4 Winter 2018 , pp.114 ~ 142
Author : Geun Bae KIM Subject : Political science , Korean Studies
Type : Articles Keywords : science and technology, political power, Choi Hyung Sup, Park Chung Hee, KIST, KOFST, technological projects
The New Face of Large Congregations: Creative Innovations in Four Megachurches in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
Vol.57 No.4 winter 2017 , pp.14 ~ 41
Author : Sung Gun KIM Subject : Religion , Korean Studies
Type : Special Topic Keywords :
megachurch, innovation, spirituality, tithing, religious market, expository
preaching, religious switching, Biblical literalism
The Potato Revolution in the DPRK: A Novel Type of Political Campaign
Vol.56 No.1 Spring 2016 , pp.116 ~ 139
Author : Tatiana GABROUSSENKO Subject : Korean Studies , Political science
Type : Articles Keywords :
North Korean mass culture, North Korean literature and the arts, communist propaganda, Arduous March, potato revolution, Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung
The Effectiveness of a Program to Train North Korean Teachers to Adjust to South Korean Society: Policy Implications for Supporting North Korean Escapees
Vol.55 No.4 Winter 2015 , pp.56 ~ 84
Author : KANG Gu Sup , CHAE Soo-Eun Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Articles Keywords :
Korean unification, North Korea, North Korean teacher, North Korean escapees, cultural adaptation,adult education
The Politics and Aesthetics of the Wound: Performative Narratives of the People by Zainichi Korean Artists
Vol.55 No.1 Spring 2015 , pp.86 ~ 111
Author : Eun-young JIN , Bo-seon SHIM Subject : Modern Poetry , The Arts
Type : Articles Keywords : Asia, Politics, Art Project, zainichi artists, Homi Bhabha, performative
narrative of the people, diasporas.
Assimilating Seoul: Japanese Rule and the Politics of Public Space in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945
Vol.55 No.1 Spring 2015 , pp.164 ~ 168
Author : John Whittier TREAT Subject :
Type : Book Review Keywords :
Politeness in Korea and America: A Comparative Analysis of Request Strategy in English Communication
Vol.54 No.1 Spring 2014 , pp.60 ~ 84
Author : Sooho SONG Subject : Sociology , Cultural and ethnic studies
Type : Articles Keywords : politeness, culture, Korea, America, crosscultural communication, request strategy
[On this topic] Understanding the K-pop Phenomenon and Hallyu: From Fragile Cosmopolitanism to Sustainable Multicultural Vigor
Vol.53 No.4 Winter 2013 , pp.5 ~ 13
Author : Gil-Sung PARK Subject :
Type : Special Topic Keywords :
Envisaging the Sociocultural Dynamics of K-pop: Time/Space Hybridity, Red Queen's Race, and Cosmopolitan Striving
Vol.53 No.4 Winter 2013 , pp.83 ~ 106
Author : Wonho JANG , Youngsun KIM Subject : Cultural and ethnic studies
Type : Articles Keywords : K-Pop, time/space hybridity, cosmopolitan striving, red queen’s race
Rhetoric, Ritual, and Political Legitimacy: Justifying Yi Seong-gye's Ascension to the Throne
Vol.53 No.4 Winter 2013 , pp.141 ~ 167
Author : Don BAKER Subject : Korean Studies
Type : Articles Keywords : Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, military skill, political legitimacy, King Taejo
Seeking Comparative Political Philosophy from an East Asian Perspective: A Transversal Cross-Cultural Dialogue
Vol.53 No.3 Autumn 2013 , pp.78 ~ 102
Author : KANG Jung In , Ji Yun LEE Subject : Political science , Philosophy
Type : Articles Keywords : comparative political philosophy, transversality, multiculturalism, analogy, homology, universality, universalism
Patterns of Censorship in Colonial Korea as Seen through the Statistics of the Chosen shuppan keisatsu geppo (Publication Police Monthly of Jeseon)
Vol.53 No.1 Spring 2013 , pp.91 ~ 116
Author : PARK Heonho Subject : History , History
Type : Articles Keywords : Chosen shuppan keisatsu geppo (Publication Police Monthly of Joseon), colonial censorship, publication capacity, colonization of knowledge
Great Power Rivalries over Korea as Reflected in Political Cartoons
Vol.53 No.1 Spring 2013 , pp.117 ~ 142
Author : Huajeong SEOK Subject : History , History
Type : Articles Keywords : international rivalries over Korea, political cartoon, Queen Min, King Gojong, Anglo-Russian rivalry, yangban image, image of Korea, Sino-Japanese War, Li Hongzhang, Georges Bigot
The Political Empowerment of Korean Protestantism since around 1990
Vol.52 No.3 Autumn 2012 , pp.64 ~ 90
Author : Jin-ho KIM Subject : Religion , Korean Studies
Type : Special Topic Keywords : Korean Protestantism, growth-oriented economics, decline in congregation membership, mega church, political power of the church, social spiritualization
Political Dynamics in the Execution of Suspected Collaborators during the Korean War
Vol.52 No.2 Summer 2012 , pp.30 ~ 61
Author : KIM Ji Hyung Subject : History
Type : Articles Keywords : collaborator, Korean War, Rhee Syngman, Second National Assembly, Joint Investigation Committee (JIC), anticommunism
Early American Perceptions of Korea and Washington’s Korea Policy, 1882-1905
Vol.51 No.4 Winter 2011 , pp.110 ~ 131
Author : Andrew S. JOHNSON Subject : History
Type : Articles Keywords : Corea, hermit nation/hermit kingdom, early U.S.-Korea relations, U.S. popular texts about Korea, U.S. ethnographic reporting on Korea
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