Multicultural Korea: Celebration or Challenge of Multiethnic Shift in Contemporary Korea?
(Vol.47. No.4 Winter, 2007 pp.32~63)
Han Geon-Soo
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As the increase of foreign migrants in Korea transforms a single-ethnic homogenous Korean society into multiethnic and multicultural one, Korean government and the civil society pay close attention to multiculturalism as an alternative value to their policy and social movement. This paper scrutinizes the realities of multiethnic and multicultural shift in terms of the matrix of class, gender, ethnicity, and physical space in Korea, and takes note of multiple social actors creating multicultural milieu in Korea with contradictive policy agenda and political stances. This articles main thesis is that the current discourses and concerns on multiculturalism in Korea are mere political rhetorics and slogans, not the constructive and analytical concepts for transforming a society.
Keywords: multiculturalism, multicultural discourse, multiethnic shift, multicultural topography, international migration, marriage-base
Types: Articles
Subject: Sociology
About the author(s) Han Geon-Soo (Han, Geon-su) is Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kangwon National University. His research interests include ethnicity, identity politics, social memory, diaspora, migrant workers, and African Studies. E-mail: