Current Issue : Vol.58 No.3 Autumn 2018
  1. [On This Topic] Legacies of Militarism in the Korean Peninsula in the Twenty-First Century
  2. Mars and Manna: Defense Industry and the Economic Transformation of Korea under Park Chung Hee
  3. Militarism and Korean Protestant Churches
  4. Divergent Paths toward Militarized Citizenship: The “Unending” Cold War, Transnational Space of Citizenship, and International Korean Male Students
  5. “Chemyeon,” the Korean Face: Finalizing the Scale and Validity through Self-Construal
  6. Prioritizing the Ruler-Subject Relationship: How the Yeonam Group Viewed the Han Chinese under Qing China
  7. North Korea between China, Japan and the ROK, 2012–2016
  8. [Book Review] The Roots of Militarism and the Origins of the Developmental State in South Korea
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