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Frank Laubach and the Adult Literacy Campaign in South Korea in the 1950s–1960s
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.5 ~ 34
Author : Sung-Sang YOO , Rebekah Hwajhin LEE , Da-Jung JUNG Subject : Sociology , Languages and linguistics
Type : Articles Keywords : adult literacy, civil society organization, religious organization, Frank Laubach, Korean Christian Literacy Association (KCLA), Hangeul cheotgeoleum, Story of Jesus
Postmemory Generation and Family Tragedies in South Korea: My Father’s Emails (2014) and Dear Pyongyang (2006)
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.35 ~ 60
Author : Dong-Yeon KOH Subject : Sociology , Journalism, media studies and communication
Type : Articles Keywords : Korean War, Cold War, personal documentary, generation of postmemory, Marianne Hirsch, Jaehee Hong, Yonghi Yang, My Father’s Emails, Dear Pyongyang
A Court Case of Frog and Snake: Rereading Korean Court-Case Fiction from the Law and Literature Perspective
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.61 ~ 85
Author : Sohyeon PARK Subject : Literature , Law
Type : Articles Keywords : Wasa ogan, A Court Case of Frog and Snake, court-case fiction, fabulous court-case fiction, inquest record, law as literature, Joseon legal culture
Right to the City: The Metropolis and Gangnam Style
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.86 ~ 110
Author : Julie CHOI Subject : Journalism, media studies and communication , Literature
Type : Articles Keywords : Psy, Gangnam Style, carnival, flâneur, mass ornament, right to the city
Geography of Hallyu Studies: Analysis of Academic Discourse on Hallyu in International Research
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.111 ~ 143
Author : Seok-Kyeong HONG , Sojeong PARK , Daemin PARK, and Seungyun OH Subject : Cultural and ethnic studies , Journalism, media studies and communication
Type : Articles Keywords : Hallyu, Korean Wave, Hallyu studies, meta-analysis, network analysis, knowledge network analysis
The U.S. Army Photography and the “Seen Side” and “Blind Side” of the Japanese Military Comfort Women : The Still Pictures and Motion Pictures of the Korean Comfort Girls in Myitkyina, Sungshan, and Tengchung
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.144 ~ 176
Author : Sung Hyun KANG Subject : Sociology , History
Type : Articles Keywords : Comfort Women, Comfort Woman, Comfort Girl(s), 164th Signal Photo Company, war photographer, still picture, motion picture, seen side, blind side
Korean Theater in Kazakhstan as a Cultural Hub of the Diaspora
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.177 ~ 201
Author : German N. KIM , Youngsarm HWANG Subject : Sociology , History
Type : Articles Keywords : Koreans, Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, Korean theater, culture, music, dance
Toward a Space of Dissensus: The Oasis’s Performance in Urban Space, Scriptive Things and Relational Aesthetics
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.202 ~ 227
Author : Hyunshik JU Subject : The Arts , Sociology
Type : Articles Keywords : art space, dissensus, performing remains, relational aesthetics, scriptive things, squat, urban space, urban regeneration
[Book Review] A Portrait of Early American Anthropology Drawn from the Analysis of Scholars Who Studied Korea a Century Ago
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.228 ~ 239
Author : Heon-mok JUNG Subject :
Type : Book Review Keywords :
[Book Review] Overturning the Center and the Periphery: Its Significance and Limitations
Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019 , pp.240 ~ 253
Author : Sung-jun SON Subject :
Type : Book Review Keywords :
Corruption, Citizen Resistance, and the Future of Democracy in Korea: An Introduction
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.5 ~ 15
Author : HeeMin KIM Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords :
Articulating Inequality in the Candlelight Protests of 2016–2017
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.16 ~ 45
Author : Yoonkyung LEE Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords : candlelight protest, inequality, political articulation, framing, civil society,
movement infrastructure, presidential impeachment, economic democratization,
jeokpye, inequality and protest participation, chaebol
Determinants of Unaffiliated Citizen Protests: The Korean Candlelight Protests of 2016–2017
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.46 ~ 78
Author : WooJin KANG Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords : injustice, preference for democracy, efficacy, anger, Candlelight Protests,
Park Geun-hye, monitory democracy
The Corruption Scandal and Vote Switching in South Korea’s 19th Presidential Election
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.79 ~ 105
Author : Woo Chang KANG , Han-Wool JEONG Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords : corruption scandal, impeachment, South Korea, vote switching, cleavages, realignment
Privatized Foreign Policy? Explaining the Park Geun-hye Administration’s Decision-making Process
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.106 ~ 134
Author : Yangmo KU Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Special Topic Keywords : Park Geun-hye, foreign policy decision-making, privatized foreign policy, external challenges, comfort women, Kaesong Industrial Complex, THAAD deployment
[Review Essay] Rethinking Working-Class Formation in South Korea: A Reflective Essay
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.135 ~ 157
Author : Hagen KOO Subject : Sociology
Type : Keywords :
Representations of Anti-Communismand Sexuality in Popular Culture during the Yushin Regime in South Korea: Aspects of 1970s Reading Culture as seen through Anti-Communist Adult Comic Books
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.158 ~ 187
Author : Jeenee JUN Subject : Mass Communication , Sociology
Type : Articles Keywords : anti-communist adult comic books, sexual discourse, Yushin regime, reading culture, Park Chung-hee, female spy, Kim Il-sung
Culture, Race, and Perceived Mobility among Adult Children of Korean Immigrants in the United States
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.188 ~ 211
Author : Inseo SON Subject : Political science , Sociology
Type : Articles Keywords : Korean Americans, children of immigrants, race, ethnic culture, social mobility
The Writing Community of Guinhoe: Time of the Eternal Recurrence
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.212 ~ 236
Author : Yerhee KIM Subject : Literature , History
Type : Articles Keywords : Guinhoe, Poetry and Novel, writing, community, eternal recurrence
[Book Review] Review of Unexpected Alliances: Independent Filmmakers, the State, and the Film Industry in Postauthoritarian South Korea
Vol.59 No.1 Spring 2019 , pp.237 ~ 245
Author : Steve CHOE Subject : Visual arts , Political science
Type : Book Review Keywords :

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